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Currently, I serve as a Managing Partner at Row Twenty One, a consulting agency helping restaurateurs create, build, and scale industry-disrupting inclusive restaurant brands.

I team up with founders of rising restaurant brands to help them operate and innovate at a higher level. As subject matter experts in strategy, funding, and brand development, I help them navigate the road to scaling their business and meeting growing demands with ease and efficiency.

My unique experience in entrepreneurship and the financial markets have created a valuable combination of insights and intuition to help build thriving brands.

When I'm not helping disruptive brands get to the next level, I enjoy spending time with my wife and three kids. If I'm not traveling the world and experiencing new cultures with my family, I'm watching all of my favorite anime shows.

Managing Partner
row twenty one

Nashville, Tennessee

Chief Investment Officer
form advisory group

Franklin, Tennessee

AVP,Wealth Management Advisor
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Brentwood, Tennessee

Stock Broker
Charles Schwab

Indianapolis, Indiana


If you want people inspired and moved to action with a mix of high-level strategy and hardcore tactics, I’d love to speak at your event.

Something I realized early on: investors and entrepreneurs want more than soft-win stories and vague strategies. Your audience deserves actionable, entertaining, and inspiring content. Here's how we can deliver: 

Talks and keynotes

I deliver highly engaging, interactive keynotes between 30 minutes and an hour-long on a variety of topics, including: Facing Fear, Overcoming Limiting Beliefs, and Developing a Recession-Proof Business Model.


My workshops are designed to arm attendees with tactical and highly actionable content. Typical workshops are two hours long on a variety of topics: Passive Income, Finding Your Business Idea, Brand Positioning, and Business Finance.

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Ready to get started? So am I. All of my talks are booked directly through me. Click the link below and send me an email. I can't wait.

Brand Positioning 101
September 2018

Keynote Speaker

Money + Entrepreneurship
March 2021

Workshop Speaker

How to Let The Haters Hate
August 2021

Keynote Speaker