The Most Underestimated Life Hack Nobody is Talking About

The Most Underestimated Life Hack Nobody is Talking About

Do you want to know the most common habit of highly successful people?


Reading? Yes, reading! In his book – Change Your Habit, Change Your Life – Tom Corley writes about his 5 years long survey collecting information about rich people. He interviewed a host of millionaires and found out that:

“88% of financially successful people read at least 30 minutes per day!”

My name is Bradon Littleton, and I’m a successful introverted entrepreneur. How? Reading changed my life.

Guess what? I’m not alone.

Warren Buffett, the most successful investor, says: “He reads 500 pages… every day.” While Bill Gates says, “he read up to 50 books in a year.”

So, why is Reading so Important?

  • It expands your mind and knowledge
  • It improves your concentration
  • A great way of learning new things
  • It also helps you see the world from other people’s eyes
  • Improves your vocabulary

This article by The University of People talks in detail about why you should prioritize reading.  

How can you take advantage of this powerful life hack?

In this piece, I’ll take you through some of the ways I’ve been able to prioritize reading and get amazing results.

Develop a Reading Habit 

Start by building a reading habit! You’ll be happy you did. Several people have asked me over the years: “Braddon Littleton, how come you read so much?”

It is always the same answer: “I developed a healthy reading habit.”

If you’d like to get the most from reading, you need a healthy reading habit. So how can you do that? These tips will help you:

  1. Schedule a time for reading: You may decide to set apart an hour or two every day to read. Or dedicate a day of the week for reading. You’ll find out that in no time, you’re used to reading at that time.
  2. Eliminate distractions during your reading time: Switch off the TV or seclude yourself from your family. Immerse yourself completely in your book
  3. Find a good place for your reading:
  4. Keep a Journal

Set Reading Goals 

Reading goals? Why do I need reading goals?

From my experience, I’ve found that creating reading goals helps to stay on track and achieve more. And, of course, your reading goals can be anything! 

For example, you can set a goal to read 10 books in three months or read at least 3 productivity books in a month.

Stay Consistent 

You can’t build a reading habit without staying on track! So be intentional about your reading.

I didn’t start seeing results from my reading until I was consistent and committed to meeting my reading goals. After that, I noticed a huge improvement in my reading habits and started seeing results.

Do the same, stay committed, and you’ll notice a difference.

Start with Books on Topics You Love 

Don’t start with topics you don’t like! Trust me, reading about things you don’t understand is hard. Sometimes, I get comments like, “Bradon Littleton, reading is boring, so I gave it up.”

Most people find it boring because they attempt to start with areas they’re not familiar with.

Take me, for example; I read a lot about the stock market and investing because I love those topics. That’s why I don’t get tired of reading about them. As a result, I get exposed to new and innovative ideas in this niche every day.

Create a Reading List

Lastly, create a reading list of the book you’d like to read. It will help you keep track of your reading progress.

How to create your reading list?

I like to take recommendations from my friends or colleagues. Another way I update my reading list is to check out what books highly-successful people recommend.

A simple Google search can help you with that. For example, if you search “Warren Buffett Book recommendations,” you’ll find a list of books Warren has recommended over the years.


Reading is a powerful way to expand the mind and learn about new things. If you’d like to get better results in whatever you do, then cultivate a healthy reading habit.